About Dr. Kelly O’Malley


Kelly O’Malley Mattone, M.D. is a Mount Sinai trained physician. She received her medical degree in 1989, completed a residency in Physical Medicine, and served as Chief Resident and Gross Anatomy Teaching Assistant. Dr. Mattone continued at The Mount Sinai Hospital as an Attending Physician, Clinical Residency Instructor and Associate Professor of Gross Anatomy at the medical school.

Dr. Mattone continues to teach in formal and informal settings. She mentors young women in medicine and is a frequent guest speaker at women’s organizations as well as community and corporate health and beauty events. She sits on Board of Directors of the nonprofit children’s hospital charity, Angels on the Bay, and is an advisory board member for the Center of the Women of New York and the Navel Health Expo.

Dr. Mattone is a mother of four and an over 50 model and spokeswoman. She has been featured in Woodbury and More Magazines and is currently on a national infomercial as the medical expert for Kate Somerville, a Hollywood aesthetician to A List celebrities. Dr. Mattone has also been the medical expert on infomercials for Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals Make-up and ThermaClear anti-acne device and currently appears on John Basedow’s Fitness Made Simple national commercial. She has been a medical correspondent on a syndicated TV show and has appeared on the Today Show, and CW 11 PIX News. An avid writer, Dr. Mattone has had numerous articles published in beauty magazines and most recently has been named the guest beauty editor of a new publication, the upscale Gold Coast Magazine, 25A.

As an accomplished athlete Dr. Mattone, ice skates, kick boxes, rock climbs, skis and plays tennis. Her latest passion is ballroom dancing.  In an effort to satisfy her love of dance with her lack of time, Dr. Mattone is opening her own ballroom dance and fitness studio, called KELLY O’s adjacent to her medical studio. Her vision is to provide and enthusiastically inspire her patients to live a healthy beauty lifestyle and as always, lead by example.



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